Steve Gibson’s Gaming Web Page

Welcome to my little gaming web page.  This page is under construction.

I intend to load pictures and files of games that my friends and I run at GenCon each year, and at my local gaming group, the Thursday Night Gaming Group (TNGG) based at Huzzah! Hobbies in Ashburn, Virginia.

The TNGG Group’s Annual Nigel Clarke Invitational Christmas Game. This year, we raced chariots in “Circus Santacus”

My son and I playing Gibsonsystem 28mm Fantasy Mass Combat

Wings of War: A great light wargame with beautifully painted miniatures. We run big games at conventions like Historicon and GenCon each year.

A big Legions of Steel event I ran at GenCon 2009. 

Link to our events at GenCon.

Link to my Legions of Steel Page