Gibsonsystem Mass Fantasy Battles

Gibsonsystem is a fantasy mass combat game, which steals mechanics from various mass combat and skirmish games.  The game is designed to use 28mm figures.  In the system, regiments, single heroes, and mighty warmachines to battle each other on a large tabletop battlefield.  Unlike WHFB, you can use any figure you own in this sytem, since we’ve designed a very balanced troop builder formula (and design tool).

So if you have cowardly dwarves, or heroic rat-men, or mummies or swamp creatures or Clan Wars infantry or historical vikings, you can pit them against each other in this system.

master unit builder 05oct11

Goblins-foot troops 1-05Oct11

Goblins-foot troops 2-05Oct11

Goblins-cavalry 1-05Oct11

Goblins-heroes and specials 1 05Oct11

Skeletons 1-foot troops 05oct11

Skeletons 2-special troops 05oct11

Skeletons 3-cavalry troops 01Oct11

Skeletons 4-hero and specials 1 05Oct11

Dwarves-foot troops 1-05Oct11

Dwarves-foot troops 2-05Oct11

Dwarves-heroes and specials 2-05Oct11

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