Ares Modern Zombies

We use a variant of the Ares skirmish rules from MJ12 games to run large 28mm zombie games at conventions.  Here’s a picture of thesixteen foot long table at Gencon in August 2013.


The game relies on quality dice for skills, armor, and weapon damage, and comparing die rolls to determine the results of combat or other skill checks.  For example, an untrained person has a D6 close combat (CC) skill.  A trained soldier might have a D8, a martial artist might be D10, and Bruce Lee might be a D12.  Fists might be a D4 CC weapon, an improvised weapon like a brick might be a D6, and a two handed razor sharp katana could be a D12.

Players run a group of 1-5 survivor figures, who have an objective to pursue in the scenario. Examples include getting insulin from the drug store, escaping to the police checkpoint, destroying incriminating evidence (for the Umbrella Corporation faction), killing zombies (National Guard), rescuing civilians (police), getting guns (escaped convicts), etc.Here’s an example of some of some of the survivor stat cards:

sample unit cards

sample unit cards 2

The game makes use of noise counters, which cause additional zombies to spawn onto the board.  So the more noise a survivor makes, the more zombies are drawn toward their location.

Eventually, enough zombies are spawned and the board is swarmed with them, forcing all the survivors to flee off board or be overwhelmed!

Note all the noise counters from the car alarm going off (a dirty trick!), and the swarm of zombies swarming the vehicle!


The great thing is that the zombies, police, and non-survivor civilians in the rules pretty much run themselves, making the game run more smoothly.  Here’s the reference card with their stats.

20140726 zombie reference card night of the zombies sample page 2

20140726 zombie reference card night of the zombies sample page 1

When survivors search a shop, a house, or even an abandoned car, they can find useful weapons, supplies, or other items.  Here are some examples of some of the items a survivor can find:

sample item cards

The game also uses lots and lots of dirty tricks.  You get one each time your group finishes off five zombies.  Some dirty tricks help your survivors, while others hurt your rivals.  Some do both! Here’s an example of some of the dirty trick cards we use:

Sample Dirty Trick Cards

Here are some other images from our 2013 GenCon game, which was set in Dennison, Ohio:




Files needed to play the game:

20150715 Ares Modern Zombies Vehicle Cards

20150715 unit cards night of the zombies

20150715 modern weapons and items night of the zombies

20150711 zombie reference card night of the zombies

20150715 Ares Modern Zombie Dirty Trick Cards

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