Ares Zombies WW2 – The Horror at St Clemete

In March 2011, we ran an Ares Zombies World War Two game at Cold Wars, a historical miniatures convention in Pennsylvania.

Here is the event description:

St Clemente, Lorraine, France, Sept 27, 1944. As Patton’s tanks battle a fierce German counterattack at Luneville, a reconnaissance element is sent to secure the German field hospital at St Clemente. As darkness falls and the GI’s enter the town, the corpses of dead patients rise and attack! Can the Americans battle off the waves of undead?

I have posted pictures from the event here:

Here are the unit cards we used for the Germans and Americans at the event:

20110307 Night of the zombies WW2 unit cards1

And most importantly, the WW2-specific dirty trick cards we used:

20110319 Ares Zombie WW2 Dirty Trick Cards


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