Legions of Steel

LEGIONS OF STEEL  (last updated 13 June 2011)

Legions of Steel is a 28mm sci-fi game that pits the heroic forces of the United Nations of Earth (UNE) against endless hordes of soulless robots intent on conquering the galaxy.  The rules are excellent,and the published scenarios are so well-designed that every battle balances on a knife edge.

One of the great strengths of the LOS rules were that each figure was given a point cost.  You could use any published scenario, use different figures than those recommended, and still have a very well balanced scenario.

We use a set of conversion formulas by a smart guy name Tony Lin to convert other manufacturers’ miniatures for use in this excellent game.   See the conversions page for rules for using other figures.

How can I play Legions of Steel?

The rules are long out of print, but you can find LOS boxed sets on eBay from time to time.  There were two versions of the basic set.

The first, called the ‘black box edition,’ contained:

-the rules and a series of very well balanced scenarios

-a set of interlocking tiles with one inch squares

-a squad of eight pewter UNE (United Nations of Earth) troops in Commando powered armor (these figures were produced by RAFM).

-a squad of ten pewter G1 Nightmares (skeletal robots) led by a big demon-looking figure (a Mark I assault fiend, also produced by RAFM)

-many counters, and of course, some D6 dice.

Legions of Steel Blue Box Edition

The second edition of the game was the ‘blue box’edition.  This set contained:

-a new printed rulebook called the “Rules of Engagement”

-the same set of interlocking tiles that were included in the Black Box edition

-Four UNE commando figures, four UNE Pathfinder recon figures, and heavy assault figure

-Five Machine skeleton robots, one Mk. I assault fiend, a G2  Succubot leader robot, and two Predator heavy attack robots

-counters and dice

Of the two, the Blue Box set is a better started box, because it comes with the second edition rulebook and a better variety of figures.

But really, you only need three things to play this great game:

1) one inch square gridded maps.  Fortunately, this scale is the current D20, Star Wars Miniatures, and D&D 4th edition standard scale.  You can buy maps and tiles for these games and use them in LOS.  I have also produced a set of free printab;e 7×7 tiles using the Dundjinni mapping program, that I have posted here.

I have also created a simple set of replacement LOS tiles that you can print. 

LOS Tiles Metal Floors Black Walls Official Tiles 20110612  (note: I have changed the file on 12 June to make the tiles with solid black walls)

You can print them 2 to a page.   The number you need to print to get the official tiles for the basic box and template packs are listed on each page.  I will post all my variant tiles again in the next few days.  Just figuring out how to organize them.  

I mount my tiles onto black foamcore using spray adhesive, then seal them using clear shelf paper, a transparent plastic with adhesive) that I get in the housewares section at WalMart.

On http://www.boardgamegeek, someone has kindly posted the LOS map tiles here, and there are other fan sites like the Holocron that have posted great Star Wars sci-fi maps.

2) the rules.  You need only have a copy of the blue Rules of Engagement book.

3) figures and stats for using them.  You need to have some figures to use, and stats for using them in LOS.  I have posted Legions of Steel stats for figures from several manufacturers here.  If there’s some figures that you have that you need stats for, I may be able to help you create stats or stat cards for them.  Post a comment here with contact info.

Red Blok and Stormtroopers Square off in GenCon 2010's Rebel Run scenario

  1. #1 by Josh Deck on April 21, 2011 - 4:44 pm

    Hey Steve, are you aware that there is a whole new official forum for LoS, fully endorsed by Clark Browning? Since you only posted your GenCon announcement for 2011 on the yahoo group, I figured you may not know about it. You would definitely be a welcome addition there. Clark has full intentions on releasing a new edition of the rules this year!! Have a look;


  2. #2 by Elliott Davis on April 5, 2015 - 7:53 pm

    what are the six legged robot dogs called ?

  3. #3 by sgibson260 on April 6, 2015 - 9:47 am

    The six legged dog robots are called x1 runaways. They are a legions of steel (machine) troop type in the game that ‘jack in’ andctake over another combatant’s powered armor.

    You can still find the minis sometimes on ebay or bartertown.


  4. #4 by Clark Browning on July 12, 2015 - 11:38 am

    Legions of Steel for iPad and PC are confirmed for release July 16th:

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