NOVAG Events at GenCon 2010

Please see the following page for our planned 2011 GENCON events!!!


The following events were run by NOVAG gamemasters at GenCon Indianapolis 2010.

We bring the games, you bring the fun!


The NOVAG GM’s at GenCon

Circus Magicus: Blizzard Bay

Join us for our 13th year of fantasy chariot racing at Gencon.  This year, our race will take place in the forbidden north, at the Ice Lord’s track at Blizzard Bay.  Will your chariot be able to avoid to angry Yetis, the vindictive Eskimo assault teams, and the treacherous track?  Use ramming, boarding, spells, beast attacks and dirty tricks to secure victory for your racing faction.

Event NMN1013256 – Thursday 2pm to 6pm – Up to 9 players

Event NMN1013257 – Saturday 12 pm to 4 pm – Up to 9 players

GM: Stephen Gibson

The Skaven Rat Wheel Races into Danger!


Epic Battlelore

Epic Battle Lore

Kill people!  Break things!  Join us as we play TWO simultaneous games of Epic Battle Lore!  Massive armies of little plastic men do battle for our amusement!  Will you lead the stalwart heroes of the left flank, or the bold and savage warriors who claim the honor of the right?  Or will you be the general, using your wits to secure a stunning victory?  We bring the game, you bring the fun!

Event NMN1013254 – Wednesday 6PM to 10PM – Up to 12 players

GM’s: Art DeFilippo and Tim Howe


Song of Blades and Heroes: Grudge Bearer

Song of Blades and Heroes:  Grudge Bearer

The dwarves of Dur-Durak have long memories.  Memories of the elves taking the fallen banner of Murdan; of the humans taking the dwarven bridge at Rukton; and of the rat-men stealing the anvil of Urmarrad.  Their new king Thramdis the Bold has decided that today is the day to even the score.  Lead a band of sturdy dwarves or one of their hated enemies in this easy to learn and fun set of fantasy skirmish rules.

Event NMN1013267 – Thursday 9am to 11am – Up to 6 players

Event NMN1013268 – Saturday 10am to 12pm – Up to 6 players

GM: Chris Gibson

Dwarves and humans battle for the bridge!


Umbrella Chronicles: The Coddenham Incident

Umbrella Chronicles: The Coddenham Incident

Four days after an incident at the Umbrella Pharmaceuticals facility in Coddenham, England, widespread civil disorder and violence stalk the streets. As the living residents barricade themselves in their homes, the East Essex Regiment strengthens its quarantine.  BBC reports of the dead attacking the living are quickly suppressed.  Will the Umbrella  response teams or Her Majesty’s forces restore order?  Will your group of survivors escape?

Event NMN1013269 – Thursday 7pm-11pm – Up to 8 players

GM: Stephen Gibson


Space Hulk: Vengeance

Space Hulk: Vengeance

After the decisive battle at Tarturro, the Imperial Battleship Emperor’s Vengeance was boarded by Tyranids and lost to the warp.  700 years later, the hulk of this mighty warship drifts into Imperial space.  Space Marines are sent to board the hulk, secure key data, and overload the Vengeance’s reactors. Will the Emperor bless their noble mission with success, or will the residents of the Hulk consign them to death in the lonely reaches of space?

Event NMN1013265 – Friday 1pm to 4pm – Up to 6 players

Event NMN1013266 – Friday 5pm to 8pm – Up to 6 players

GM: Todd Wagner


Legions of Steel: Rebel Run

Legions of Steel: Rebel Run

Imperial Stormtroopers are dispatched to the mining world of Solis IV to put down an insurrection by rebel miners.  The Imperials meet heavy resistance from armed miners and elements of the planetary militia.  The 332nd Stormtrooper Legion launches a bold assault on rebel headquarters near Taxulis.  Will the Emperor’s Finest crush the upstart rebels, or will their assault be stopped by the determined rebels? Star Wars minis and Legions of Steel rules.

Event NMN1013258 – Friday 7pm-11pm – Up to 10 players

GM: Drew Fargo


Legions of Steel: Bug Out

Legions of Steel: Bug Out

Legions of Steel: Bug Out

Three weeks ago, Imperial forces arrived at the mining colony at Solis IV to crush a minor alien problem. After weeks of heavy fighting and skyrocketing casualties, Gen. Corse of the 332ndStormtrooper Legion orders his forces to withdraw from the planet.  Can the embattled Stormtroopers of the 332nd break through to waiting shuttles, or will they be slaughtered like the residents of Solis? Star Wars minis and Legions of Steel rules.

Event NMN1013259 – Saturday 7pm-11pm – Up to 9 players

GM: Stephen Gibson


Wings of War: The Battle of Arras

Wings of War:  The Battle of Arras

In early April 1917, Germany’s ‘Knights of the Air’ patrol the skies over the Arras Front.  As these veterans of the famed Jasta 11 rack up an amazing 89 kills, allied leaders desperately try to neutralize these veteran German pilots.  Join us in a free-wheeling brawl in the skies, piloting a miniature World War One aircraft. If you’ve never played Wings of War before, come and learn this amazing game!

Event NMN1013263 – Thursday 3pm-6pm – Up to 12 players

Event NMN1013264 – Friday 8pm-11pm – Up to 12 players

GM: Tim Howe


Wings of War Megabattle: The Battle of St. Mihiel, Day 3

Wings of War Megagame: Battle of St. Mihiel Day 3

Wings of War Mega-Game: The St. Mihiel Offensive, Day 3

On 13 September 1918, the American Expeditionary Force in France continues its massive offensive against the German St. Mihiel Salient.  As artillery and ground forces assault the German fortifications, over 1400 American and allied aircraft battle veteran German aviators in the skies over the battlefield. Each player will take an American, German, British, French, or Italian miniature aircraft, and will help sweep the skies of enemy planes.

Event NMN1013262 – Saturday 9am-12pm – Up to 64 Players

GM’s: Art DeFilippo and Katie Gibson


Gladiators: Death or Glory

Gladiators:  Death or Glory

To celebrate the birthday of the King, the Gladiator’s Guild of Katiri has sponsored a bloodmatch for the enjoyment of the crowds.  Can your team of gladiators best your opponents and win the coveted victor’s laurels, or will their blood soak into the sand of the arena?  Fight in a 3D battle arena, using a variety of weapons, heroes, creatures, clever maneuvers, and dirty tricks to slay your opponents and win victory!

Event NMN1013260 – Friday 9am-12pm – Up to 12 players

Event NMN1013261 – Saturday 4pm-7pm – Up to 12 Players

GM: Katie Gibson


Formula Waaaagh!!!

Formula Waaaagh!

To celebrate the conquest of Colix, War Boss Throkk summons the fastest and most reckless racers from all his Ork tribes to the ruins of the captured Imperial capital for a mighty race!  As the crack racing teams from the Evil Sunz, Red Skulls, Head Biterz, Face Smashas, Bad Brainz, and Rippahs tribes race through the ruins of the Imperial city, only the cleverest, most violent  or savage will win the race and gain the favor of the Warboss.  Use 40k figures and simple racing rules.  And remember, the red ones go fasta!

Event NMN1014149 – Friday 4pm-7pm – Up to 10 Players

GM: Drew Fargo

  1. #1 by Robin on April 6, 2010 - 10:35 am

    Your Formula Waagh Game is showing up as 4am to 7am in the Gencon schedule.

  2. #2 by sgibson260 on April 6, 2010 - 2:27 pm

    Wow! That’s a little too early! Gotta fix that!

  3. #3 by Robin on April 13, 2010 - 7:56 pm

    Thanks for the fix… got into Formuls Waagh and the Thursday Battle of Arras witjh my son. Bent the rule a little since he will be Just shy of 12 and therefore doesn’t fit the 13+. He’s been gaming at Cons and with me for about 4 years.. plus i’ll be with him to whack hi upside the head if he gets outta hand. hope this is Ok.

  4. #4 by Mike on May 14, 2010 - 3:57 pm


    See that you only have 9 slots for Circus Maxgicus? Are youing to have room for generics-they are the highligh of our gencon experience. Corwin, Kim & Mike.

  5. #5 by sgibson260 on May 14, 2010 - 7:54 pm

    Sure Mike. We always leave room for generics in the chariot race. Consider yourselves #1,#2, and #3 on the generic list.
    In which slot were you looking to race?

    We are trying to limit the size of the chariot races to speed them up. But the ice track is very nasty, so the flipped chariot count should be high.


  6. #6 by Mike on May 19, 2010 - 6:32 pm

    Saturday noon slot for us Steve. I’ll probably try to squeeze into some other games of your as well-always a good frig’gin time! Thanks man!

  7. #7 by Mike on March 2, 2011 - 9:28 pm

    Steve, here’s your prewarning to get your shit together for GenCon! What kind of tricks do you have planned for whip the beastie this year?

    Mike J

  8. #8 by sgibson260 on March 19, 2011 - 11:08 pm

    Hey Mike!

    I’ve set up a new page for the 2011 events here:

    We also ran a WW2 zombies game at a convnetion in Pennsylvania last week, detailed here:

    Remember, event reg starts May 1st!!!


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