NOVAG Events at Gencon 2013


Northern Virginia Gamers (NOVAG) is a miniatures & board gaming group based in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC.  Members of NOVAG will be running a series of exciting miniatures events for our 16th straight year at GenCon.

Join us for convention favorites like Circus Magicus and Formula Waaaagh, which take fantasy chariot and Sci-Fi vehicle racing racing and inject violence, dirty tricks, mayhem, and fun!

If you like World War One dogfighting, play in one of our many Wings of Glory events at GenCon. Join 63 other players in a massive aerial dogfight in our St. Mihiel Megagame; learn to play Wings of Glory in the Battle of Arras event; or join a squadron to tackle a giant zeppelin over the skies of WW1 France.

If you like your action closer to the ground, try our Gladiators or Space Hulk events, where clever tactics and treachery rule the day!

If zombies are your thing, battle in the streets of Dennison, Ohio in the first days of a global zombie apocalypse. The goal is not winning, it’s survival!!

If you’re a fan of dirty tricks, mayhem, beautifully painted miniatures and terrain, bring your sense of adventure and stop by one of our events!  We bring the games and teach you the rules, you bring the fun!



Here are the events we’ve submitted for GenCon 2013:


Circus Magicus: Snowpocalypse

NMN1345666    Saturday 2PM-6PM    GM: Steve Gibson

NMN1345667    Saturday 7PM-11PM    GM: Steve Gibson

Join us for our 16th straight year of fantasy chariot racing at Gencon.  This year, our race will take place in the frozen track at Narvus.  Will your chariot be able to avoid the crowd, angry Yetis, other chariots, and the deadly ice and snow of the track?  Use ramming, boarding, spells, beast attacks and dirty tricks to secure victory for your racing faction.



Ares Zombies: All Fall Down

NMN1345678  Friday 2PM-6PM    GM: Nicole Hernandez

NMN1345679    Friday 7PM-11PM    GM: Katie Gibson

In the early days of the Lazarus Plague, isolated type I outbreaks spread throughout the midwest.  After a rash of unexplained violence strikes Dennison, Ohio, state and local police are dispatched to the downtown area to contain the violence.  Can your group of Police secure the overrun hospital and rescue the terrified civilians?  Can your group of survivors escape the carnage?  Or will they join the growing ranks of the walking dead?

Dennnison Ohio Biohazard SignIMG_2614


Starmada: Out of the Void

NMN1345662    Thursday 2PM-6PM    GM: Drew Fargo, Todd Wagner

Long range scanner s detect a hulk drifting inside the Akris Rift. Further scans reveal that the hulk uses energy sources unknown to the empires bordering the Akris rift.  Warfleets from four starfaring races scramble to claim the hulk and its unique technology.  As the four fleets arrive at the hulk, a monumental battle unfolds. Learn to play this great generic starship combat game with beautifully painted ships from several manufacturers.



Starmada: A Thousand Dying Stars

NMN1345662    Thursday 7PM-11PM    GM: Steve Gibson

In the final battle of the Imperial campaign against the alien Hexites, an Imperial exterminatus fleet approaches the Hexite homeworld. To protect the last of their population, the Hexites assemble their fleet and prepare desperate defenses for one final battle.  Will the dreaded imperial navy destroy the last of the xenos race? Or will the Hexites fend off the mighty Empire long enough to send much of their population away to safety in the far reaches of space?  Learn to play this great starship combat game with beautifully painted ships.



Gladiators: Death or Glory!

NMN1345674    Friday 10AM-2PM    GM: Chris Gibson

NMN1345675    Thursday 2PM-6PM    GM: Chris Gibson

In the arena at Luvia, life is cheap.  Can your team of gladiators best your opponents and win the coveted victor’s laurels and freedom, or will their blood soak into the sand of the arena?  Play with fantasy 28mm figures in a 3D battle arena, using a variety of weapons, heroes, creatures, clever maneuvers, and dirty tricks to slay your opponents and win victory.


Space Hulk: Silence of the Grave

NMN1345676    Friday 2PM-6PM    GM: Todd Wagner

NMN1345677    Friday 7PM-11PM    GM: Todd Wagner

A space fortress that protects a major trading hub goes silent. Was this a first strike by the Hive fleet, and a harbinger of worse to come? Your docking shuttles are undisturbed by station weapons as they dock. Lead a small contingent of elite Space Marine Terminators to discover the truth about the silent station and destroy the enemies of the Emperor.  Or fight to defend the station and destroy the Emperor’s finest.


Wings of Glory Megagame:  Battle of  the St. Mihiel Salient

HMN1345657    Saturday 9AM-12PM    GM:Art DeFilippo and Katie Gibson

On 11 Sep 1918, the American Expeditionary Force in France launches a massive offensive against the German-held St. Mihiel Salient in France. As artillery and ground forces assault the German fortifications, over 1400 American and Allied aircraft battle veteran German aviators in the skies over the battlefield. Each player will take an American, German, British, French, or Italian miniature aircraft, to sweep the skies of enemy planes.  Join us for our fifth year of this massive brawl in the sky!


Formula Waaaaagh!

NMN1345672    Saturday 2PM-6PM    GM: Drew Fargo

NMN1345673    Friday 7PM-11PM    GM: Drew Fargo

War Boss Throkk summons the fastest and most reckless racers from his ork tribes to the ruins of a captured Imperial capital.  Each of the tribes has sent their best teams to race through the ruins of the city. Only the cleverest, most violent, and bloodthirsty will win the race and gain the favor of the Warboss. 40k miniatures and simple racing rules.


Wings of Glory: the Battle of Arras

HMN1345664   Thursday 12PM-3PM    GM: Jim Manchester

HMN1345661   Thursday 10AM-1PM    GM: Elizabeth Gibson

In April 1917, Germany’s ‘Knights of the Air’ patrol the skies over the Arras Front.  As these veterans of the famed Jasta 11 rack up an amazing 89 kills, allied leaders desperately try to neutralize these veteran German pilots.  Join us in a free-wheeling brawl in the skies, piloting a miniature World War One aircraft. Come and learn this amazing game!


Wings of Glory: Day of the Zeppelin

HMN1345658    Thursday 4PM-7PM    GM: Art DeFilippo

HMN1345659    Thursday 8PM-11PM    GM: Art DeFilippo

A squadron of  allied aircraft engage a massive German airship and her escort of fighters.  Can the allies bring down the mighty zeppelin, or plunge to their doom from the skies over France? Take an allied fighter and attack a huge zeppelin model, or pilot a valiant German escort fighter to protect the the pride of the Kaiser’s air force using the easy and fun Wings of Glory miniature rules.


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