Starmada Nova Edition

Starmada is a spaceship miniatures combat game that has been around for at least 15 years.  The latest version i the Nova Edition, which streamlined a lot of the rules from the Admiralty Edition (the last edition of the rules).  We have been playing this game a lot lately, and prefer it to Full Thrust, which we abandoned years ago due to concerns about the balance in the points system, and some of the obvious advantages to certain technologies.

hexite fleet

Attached is the fleet I designed and have been using, using my Kzinti ships from Task Force Games.  The fleet  is supposed to be a generic human-type fleet with beams, missiles, spinal mount weapons, and robust point defense to defend against fighters and missiles.  The ships have average to slow speeds, decent defense, and no really advanced technologies.


Terran Federation 2nd Generation Refits

After a few defeats at the hands of my friend Drew’s Centauri and Narn fleets, which features strong ECM defenses, my fleet became more competitive after some emergency refits.

Hexite Ships 20160209

When we faced the mysterious Tyranid fleet, our ships were unprepared to fight the huge hulls and armor of the Tyranids, and their regenerating hulls.  Never fear, though.  The Terran Federation Navy has begun an emergency refit program to upgrade the ships in the Proxima Sector to help fight these monstrous xeno attackers, and Earth’s valiant defenders will be ready to face the challenge as the desperate fight around Carter’s World heats up!

The attached pdf includes my conversions for using Battlefleet Gothic Imperial ships in Starmada Nova edition.


40k Imperial Ships Nova Edition 20130202

(ship file was updated 8 Mar 2013)


We are also running two Starmada Nova Edition games at Gencon in August 2013.  These events can be found here.

Here are some pictures from oIMG_822620130815_23000720130815_20043920130815_203156ur events at 20130815_164303GenCon 2013:


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